The best place to be is in the presence of God because that is the only place where the fullness of joy is guaranteed. Every other place will be joy ephemeral; it is only in the presence of God that you can have the real thing. An understanding of this fact should make people cease from unnecessary dissipation that leads to hell and destruction. The beautiful thing about the joy of the Lord is that it strengthens and positions you for heaven and for limitless blessings because according to the word of God, it is with joy that we will draw from the wells of salvation. Accordingly, wherever you find joy, naturally, dryness disappears.

One of the terrible things that the enemy is doing today is that he is busy distributing depression. Quite a number of people are depressed, economies are depressed, nations are depressed and distressed. We need to get closer to God at such a time as this because that is the only place where we can find explanation for a lot of things that are happening in the world today; it is only in the word of God that we can find sensible explanation. The beautiful thing about the word of God is that it is true, it is consistent, it is inerrant, it is eternal and comprehensive. You can bet on the word of God because it is the same yesterday, today and forever. By building on the word of God, you are building on a solid Rock that cannot be broken. Whoever fails to build his or her life on the word of God is building on a sinking soil.

One of the easiest ways to drive away the demon of depression is through praise. If you desire an atmosphere of blessing, get into the realm of singing anointed praise songs; saturate your environment with praise, by so doing, you will drive away the demon of depression that is actively at work trying to put an evil seal on whoever is available. What that demon does is to tell people that they are worthless and that their cases are also hopeless. This is a lie from the pit of hell because there is no hopeless situation if only you can connect to heaven but if you believe in the lies of the devil, you will fall prey. Pray –

  • In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I banish the spirit of depression; by the power of the blood of Jesus, I declare that as far as the east is separated from the west so the blood of Jesus separates me and every member of my family from the demon of depression forever in the name of Jesus. I declare that the joy of the Lord is my strength in Jesus name. Amen.


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