A lot of distress in the system today is financial (economic pressure) and as such every child of God should be familiar with the principles of financial prosperity. If you aggregate the problems prevalent in the world today, you will discover that over 70 percent are centred around finances. So, how can a child of God navigate in a world where everything around you is trying frantically to rebrand you contrary to the purpose of God? God has an original blueprint for your destiny but the devil is bent on giving a different blueprint and you are caught in the middle. It is your responsibility to choose right. That is the reason why God gave you a will to take decisions. There are some principles that can destroy the evil seal of financial limitation.

Kingdom principles are like keys that unlock doors of blessing. If you handle a key and put it into the right keyhole, it will open, so the right keys will definitely unlock the right doors. Keys are not useful unless they are applied so you should endeavour to put the following keys into practice. The most important thing you need when you stand before a locked door is the right key otherwise you cannot gain access. According to the word of God, things are not going to get better in the world and economy is one of the things that the enemy would want to control this end time. The amount of money that is concentrated in the hand of unbelievers today is staggering and what they do is to dangle some of the money at believers to make them submit. Their principle is that of ‘bow and I will give you the whole world’, the same type of temptation that Jesus confronted and overcame.

There are some occult centres today that are looking for people to recruit, all you need do is indicate your interest after which they will send you some codes; as soon as you type in these codes, you automatically become one of their members. But there is nothing the devil can give you that is actually free; with one hand he gives and with the other he collects. Jesus said “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). Take note that the financial prosperity we are referring to here is kingdom financial prosperity and not the Babylon financial prosperity.

  • The foremost key to financial prosperity is the key of DESIRE. If you want to have financial prosperity, don’t be passive about it, desire it. God has put that innate desire in everyone. Pray – Father, I want to have financial prosperity, I want to have comprehensive prosperity – prosperity of my body, prosperity of my soul, prosperity of my spirit, prosperity when I go out and when I come in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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