Verse 16; ‘I will spoil those that spoil thee’  


  • All they that devoured me shall be devoured. All they that fought against me shall be devoured in the mighty name of Jesus. All my adversaries, every one of them shall go into captivity and they that spoil me shall be spoiled. All they that prey upon me shall become a prey in the name of Jesus. Lord, release this anointing against the adversary in the name of Jesus. Spoil all those that spoil me in the name of Jesus.

Verse 17; ‘I will restore health and healing unto thee’.


  • Lord, I receive your word in Jeremiah 30:17, you will restore my  health and heal my wound. Lord, I ask you to restore my health and heal me of every wound (emotional, spiritual, financial…etc). Lord, remove every scar, only you can do it, brood over and take over by your Spirit and take all the glory. Thank you Jesus.
  • Verses 18-19; I receive the anointing for thanksgiving. Out of me shall flow thanksgiving. My heart shall overflow with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God. This year, the voice of rejoicing, merriment and celebration shall never cease from my tabernacle. This is our year of celebration. We will celebrate His goodness, miracles, marvelous works in our lives, dominion, victories after victories in the name of Jesus.

  • ‘I will multiply you’. The Lord will multiply us this year and we shall not be few. Our congregation shall be established before the Lord and the Lord will punish those that oppress us.
  • Verse 20; Lord, you know the forces that fought me last year whether in the day or in the night or in the dream. Lord punish the forces that oppressed me. Punish the forces of oppression, depression, suppression, affliction, seduction, and perversion. Lord, punish them by the thunder of your power and bring them to their knees so that they will know that you are Jehovah and all power belongs to you forever.

God will raise dignitaries out of this fellowship, powerful dignitaries, shakers and quakers, national and international in the name of Jesus. God says that we shall be His people and He shall be our God.


  • Verses 23-24 Lord release your whirlwind, let it fall with fury upon the heads of our adversaries, our oppressors. Let the continuing whirlwind go forth now, be released. Let it fall with fury and with pain in the name of Jesus. Our enemies shall lick the dust, they shall be ashes under our feet. They shall never rise against the purpose of God in our lives in the name of Jesus. They will fail in everything they do. The Lord has made their weapons useless in their hands in the name of Jesus. See today, the Lord has made us impervious to their attack. They cannot harm us in the name of Jesus. We are strong like a fortified city that cannot be captured, like an iron pillar and gate of brass.
  • Jer. 1:18(TLB). Lord arise and state your case against our adversary. You know where they have tabled a case against us, you know where the evil verdict has been declared over our destiny. Lord arise and state our case against our adversaries in Jesus name. Psalms 76:11. Heavenly Father, why do you delay?  Why hold back your power, unleash your fist against the enemy.
  • Heavenly Father, why do you delay? why hold back your power? Unleash your fist and give them a final blow. Lord, unleash your fist against the power of evil blockade that have fought against your purpose in our lives. Don’t delay any more in Jesus name.

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