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TEXT: Galatians 2:20

Many people have not been to the cross. There is a limit to which you can walk with God until you have been to the cross. We want to see the resurrection power but we don’t want to die. I know the day I died and resurrected and it was a cross encounter. I know the day I was crucified and from that day I have stopped being an ordinary  Christian. That was the day I stopped pursuing vanity. I used to be very ambitious. Every of my selfish ambition died. It is  important to go to the cross so that the resurrection power will flow. Jesus prescription for discipleship is the cross. We want the resurrection but we don’t want to go to the cross. You can never out grow the need to keep visiting the cross. As a matter of fact, carrying the cross will be on a daily basis. It is in the place of the cross that you drop your worry and selfish ambition. Mr Self, works of the flesh and the adamic nature are very difficult things to deal with, that is why you will notice that in the ministry of deliverance some cases keep reoccurring.

You can cast out a demon and it goes, but as long as Mr Flesh is not crucified, the works of the flesh will attract the demons again. You must deal with it once and for all. You see manifestation of flesh, self, ‘I’  even in the place of prayer. Do you know the meaning of the bride’s message? Another name for the bride’s message is the crucified way. The crucified way is the way of the cross.

The essence of the bride’s message is to prepare the bride for the eternal bridegroom. You know the parable of the ten virgins, you know the wise ones and the foolish ones. They were all virgins, and brides. There were those that were prepared and  those that were not prepared. My prayer is that as times go on in our walk with God, we will not be carried away by activities and forget our purpose.


  • Lord, I don’t want to be carried away. May I never Miss your mark. May I never derail or be distracted. Grant me the grace to always be ready for your second coming. Do not allow me to be deceived by the deceitfulness of riches. Help me, Oh Lord to be all that you want me to be, and to keep doing what you want me to do. Please, grant the grace in Jesus name.
  • Jesus, I want to have a transforming encounter with you. Lord, reveal yourself to me. Grant me the grace to see you and hear you clearly. Make heaven more real to me than any earthly thing can ever be. Deliver me from vanity.
  • Make the remaining part of my life the most impactful, resourceful, successful, blissful, joyful, blessed, prosperous, faithful in the name of Jesus. I depend on you to finish well and finish strong in Jesus name. Amen.


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