All good and perfect gift come from God and there is no limitation as far as he is concerned. There is nothing you ask from God that can diminish him because anything he has at all he has in infinity raised to power infinity over zero. There is absolutely no way you can liquidate it from where it is coming, so, it will not be over ambitious to trust him for great things. My prayer is that you will not limit what God wants to do in your life this year in any way.

Pray –

  • Lord, make it impossible for me to be an enemy of my own blessings this year. Make it impossible for me to place a blockade on what you are set to do in my life. Make it impossible for me to be a seal upon what you want to do. Help me O God to receive all you want me to be, to do and to have. Please guide me empower me supernaturally. Multiply your blessings in my life and show me your glory.
  • Help me O God to receive all you have ordained. Give me the capacity to receive and to retain and to celebrate and let your blessings multiply in my hands. Let your blessings multiply in my life and in my family this year as you make all things beautiful, make beautiful things out of my life. Help me to walk with you in Jesus name I have prayed.

Vital Keys for Walking in the Anointing for Better Things

The anointing that make things progressively better. The anointing that marks you out when everyone is gathered and there is only one person to be selected and you will be the one. The anointing that makes you outstanding. It is the anointing of distinction. The anointing of multiple times better.

  1. Josh. 3:5, Joshua told the people, Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you” (NIV). King James version says, “sanctify yourselves”. Sanctify and consecrate mean the same thing, which is to make holy.

    Pray –
    Lord, I want amazing things, help me to sanctify myself. I want to see amazing things this year; I want to see amazing miracles, amazing signs. I want to see your hand work in amazing ways this year. I want to enjoy amazing blessings that only your own hand can work, I ask you in the name of Jesus for amazing things, remarkable, miraculous and wonderful things this year. Thank you blessed Lord, in Jesus name.

    O God of amazing things, help me to sanctify myself in Jesus name.

Anyone who wants to see amazing things, if it is by divine order of things, if it is the one that God will do, the principle is the principle of consecration. Let nobody tell you otherwise. God is holy and without holiness you cannot see him, you can’t see his hand, you can’t see his moves, you can’t see his manifestation. This is no longer being emphasized and that is why people think they can use short cut to get these things done and God will just respond. God does not violate his absolutes. He is absolutely holy and his word is absolute truth. If you want to see God, clean up.


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