If Jesus comes on a Sunday, it is most likely that some Cathedrals would not even realize that He has come. It is that bad. In the last encounter I had with Jesus, He was in a very pensive mood when He told me that His Church is not ready. Since then, I have been looking inward and searching for the reasons why God’s people are not ready? The reason is not far fetched. The Church is no longer preparing people for heaven but instead, the Church started preparing people only for this earth! Meanwhile, we are closer to his coming than we ever have been. Everything in the world today is reminding us that this earth is winding down. This is not the time to play Church; this is the time to be strong in the Lord. This is the time to consolidate your relationship with Jesus.

Terrorist activities in Africa is getting to an alarming rate particularly in Nigeria where the notorious terrorist group Boko Haram, recently kidnapped and beheaded a disciple of Jesus Christ just because he refused to renounce Jesus. The family of the man was shaken and traumatized but when they heard about the courage of their father, they were full of praises and thanksgiving to God. Persecution does not diminish the Church. According to Church history, it took several centuries of martyrdom for Christianity to be established. That is why we must be very careful about the ‘other gospels’ that came. What cripples the Church is government patronage and compromise not persecution. If heaven is not your focus, then you are headed in the wrong direction.

Pray –

  • Lord, revive your Church, retrain your Church. Let the messages from pulpits be the bride’s message that prepare people for the bridegroom in the name of Jesus.
  • Let your Church be established again in holiness, in righteousness and in wisdom. Lord, deliver your Church from compromise, deliver your Church from error, deliver your Church from distraction, deliver your Church from deceitfulness of riches and from seeking earthly glamour (heavenly dust) in the name of Jesus. Let your glory return and let your name be magnified in Jesus name.

One of the strongest words in the world is the word ‘decision’ and we need to pay particular attention to it. Decisions define your destination, decisions determine destiny, decisions determine wealth – the decisions you took and those you failed to take will determine how (where) you will end. There are decisions that you will take today and your life will never remain the same again. It took a decision for you to say the sinner’s prayer and give your life to Christ and you can see how your life has been transformed since then.


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