Few years back, we traveled out of Lagos to attend the funeral of my elder brother in a city called Ibadan. Before leaving Lagos, I received a very strong instruction from God that we should take along a carton of malt drink. We couldn’t get malt drink that morning because we were constrained for time, we had to travel for about two hours and be on time for the funeral, so we took off hoping to get the malt drink at Ibadan. Unfortunately, we were so busy that we hardly had time to look around for malt drink. On our way back, I needed to use the restroom so we stopped over at an eatery. As we were coming into the eatery we saw two cartons of malt drink and quickly went for it. We all took the drink and headed back to Lagos. 

Just about twenty minutes into the journey in the middle of nowhere, we noticed that my other Brother was having serious issues and the last thing he said was that he was going, I responded that he wasn’t going anywhere. He turned pale immediately, things were happening very fast. I quickly asked the Driver of the bus to stop. I called back his spirit and the spirit returned. As soon as he was revived I requested for a can of malt drink, he took two cans (the very last two cans left) in quick succession after which he said he was fully revived. The man is alive and well today to the glory of God. How could I have ever forgiven myself if there was no malt to give him? An attempt to obey is not the same thing as obedience. You must be complete in obedience one hundred percent, 99.99% obedience is still partial, your obedience must be 100% and God knows when you are complete in obedience. If we really ponder who we are in God and who God is, then we will see the foolishness of questioning His instructions. Before you disobey an instruction, you must have devalued the instructor; it takes devaluation for disobedience to occur.

One of the things I found out lately in my walk with God and in my trying to raise disciples is that if we can get people to really truly love God, then the job is done. The scripture (John 14:23) says ‘if you love me…..’. Obedience flows from love; the obedience that flows from the love of God is the highest level of obedience. If you love God, you will find it easy to give. If you love God, nobody will teach you faith. Faith is placement of value on your relationship with God so it comes naturally. If you love God, you will take delight in going into his presence; you will be excited going to his presence. If you love God, you need no one to teach you consecration. You will drop a lot of things in order to satisfy the object of your love. For those that truly love God, holiness comes naturally.


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