• Decision to be complete in obedience (continued). It is not as if we don’t love God, but the problem is that there is something we love more for which we need to repent. If you read Deut. 28:1-14, you will see the supernatural blessings of obedience. God instructed Saul to annihilate the Amalekites, he decided to spare some of them, he partially obeyed that instruction. Ironically, it was an Amalekite that broke the news of his death to David. Disobedience brings demotion. All the blessings that you need are predicated on being complete in obedience. The love of God should compel our heart not only to completely obey but also to be prompt to obey. If you do this, you will experience a drastic change in your life, you will not run after miracles – miracles are done by divine intervention. It does not have to be convenient for you to be complete in obedience. May God help us to learn to stretch to be complete in obedience and we will see the glory of God revealed in our lives. When we are complete in obedience, we will see God release his bountiful blessings that make rich and do not add any sorrow. 

Pray –

  • Lord, help me to be complete in obedience. Help me to be prompt in obedience. Help me to love you with all my heart above everything else. God, grant me the grace to walk with you in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me and make me a God chaser, make me a God pleaser in the name of Jesus.
  • As I progress in this journey, Lord, let your love in my heart increase progressively in the name of Jesus. Grant that every blessing you will give me will draw me closer to you in the name of Jesus.
  • Make it impossible for me to drink the wine of success that will take me out of your presence in the name of Jesus. Help me to be addicted to your presence in the name of Jesus. Make me a carrier of your presence all the days of my life and let the blessings of your presence increase and multiply in my life in Jesus name.
  • Decision to change your level of giving/seeding. Gen. 8:22, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Seed is still a mystery. Seed time and harvest is an ordinance that works irrespective of creed, colour or race. It is a universal ordinance. You don’t even need to be a Christian to know that it is as you plant that you will reap. If you plant in a small field, you will reap little. If you plant a cup of rice, you may reap some bags of rice. The harvest is always bigger than the seed. Some preachers have narrowed sowing to only money. This has beclouded the beauty of the message of sowing and reaping. Money is not the only seed you can sow. Your obedience is a seed that produces multiple victories, testimonies and miracles. Your actions are seeds, your prayer is a seed, your confession, your word – what you say to yourself and others are seeds. The word of God is a seed. Your service in God’s kingdom is a wonderful seed. Your praise is a seed. Your worship is a seed and as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease.


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