4. Character. The best character you can have is the character of Christ. If you are not tending towards Christlikeness, you are not doing well. Jesus said my meat is to do the will of him who has called me and to finish the work.

Pray –

  • Against distraction. Ask God to help you finish well and finish strong and that you will not be distracted. Pray that you will leave nothing undone that you should do.
  • That God will guide you always.
  • That God will make your life impactful and full of fruits and that your fruit may abound and abide to overflow dimension.
  • That you will have the right perspective about life and that anything that is capable of overwhelming you will never come your way.
  • That the fire of the Holy Ghost will envelop you and that you will become addicted to the presence of the almighty and that everywhere you go, you will not only be healthy but that you will carry the healing anointing.
  • That you will be a healing agent in this sick world and that the light of his glory will continue to shine upon your path to greatness.
  • For divine empowerment; ask for supernatural empowerment to operate in the highest.
  • Father, I thank you. I depend on you. I rely on you. By your spirit, make it impossible for me to disconnect from the fire of your presence and from the presence of your fire.
  • Grant me the grace never to be deceived and never to be derailed. Help me not to be disconnected. Grant me the grace to remain connected and committed to your call in my life. Let it abide to overflow dimension.
  • Terminate every trace of barrenness. Remove anything that the enemy wants to bring my way to overwhelm me. Lord, make it impossible for me to be derailed.
  • Grant me the grace to walk hand in hand with you so that your purpose may be fulfilled in my life.
  • Where others fail, make me to excel. Guide me by the skillfulness of your hand to my allotted inheritance in you.
  • Help me to leave nothing undone that I should do.
  • Lord, look into my record and consolidate my walk with you. Let the only desire in my heart be to be what you want me to be and help me O God to locate my place in your kingdom and to begin to fulfil it in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me Lord. I trust you to beautify my life and give me enduring testimonies that all the earth will look around me and see your hand, that it is mighty.
  • Use me as an extension of your hand O God in the name of Jesus. Wherever I go, Lord, may your presence never depart from me; make me a carrier to your presence and fill me afresh with life and power of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit flow through me. Thank you faithful God, in Jesus name.
  • The grace to be at the right place at the right time according to your purpose, bestow upon me O God, in Jesus name.


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