Initial Signs cont’d

5. False Christ and false prophets.
Some people are still in doubt that a child of God should not listen to a worldly music. Sanctification is in levels. A true child of God should run away from worldly music because every form of music has a spirit. A child of God who listens to a worldly music is susceptible to the spirit of the music. If you are in a congregation and you discern that the preacher is preaching error, all you need do is to pick up your Bible and walk out. You have no business frolicking with people with contrary spirits so that you don’t get contaminated. The devil has anointed some people to deceive and derail many in this end time and he has equipped them. They control the airwaves; some of them are ‘philanthropists’ of good and evil. Wherever you discern evil, run. There are agents of defilement all over the place. A man of God recently said that anyone who is not paying tithe is under a financial curse; the barrage of attacks that has been unleashed against him is unbelievable. Some even called him names. A lot of people believe that tithing is an Old Testament ordinance. What the man of God said is actually written in the Bible. There are two ways; if you want to have money in the kingdom way, there are principles you must follow.

Tithing is not negotiable; it was established by God. I practice it and I have testimonies. When you pay your tithe you become financially free. Take note that it is not the amount of money you have that makes you financially free, no, it is the blessing of God on the money. There is a level of wealth you cannot attain except by covenant. There are principles enunciated in the word of God concerning prosperity, it is interesting to note that the people in the world practice some of these principles more. It is only the blessing that God gives that do not add sorrow; that is the one that will make you rich and free. Most of the people that condemn tithing have a wrong spirit and if you have a wrong spirit you can never be right. Anyone with a wrong spirit is carrying an evil seal and everybody will end up in the house of the one whose seal they carry. Why don’t you take God by his word? He said he will rebuke the devourer for your sake and enlarge your barn! Ensure that you don’t listen to people who argue about the word of God. Instead, search the word of God and engage the Holy Spirit to help you. Don’t be deceived by false prophets; some of them are agents of darkness that are specially anointed by the devil. The Bible says those who know their God shall be strong; part of that strength is financial strength. Those who are not financially strong will mostly likely compromise. If you are not financially strong, you are vulnerable. Pray yourself out of it. You need the supernatural weapon of obedience.

Heavenly Father, I worship you. Thank you for the generous provisions you have made for my well-being here and hereafter. I ask you to grant me the grace to be prompt and complete in obedience to your word and the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen.


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