EASTER,  Sunday service


In verses 21-22 of Acts 12, Herod committed a blunder. At the peak of glamorous reign, he came out and gave a speech and the people said the voice they heard is not the voice of Herod but the voice of God. Herod never knew that it was time up for him, he accepted the adulation instead of ascribing the glory to God. God’s judgment fell upon him immediately; he was eaten up by worms. This is the best season to judge Herod. All your ‘herods’ shall commit spiritual blunders that will consume them in the name of Jesus. It is very dangerous to pull a gun at a General and then pull it back. From today, any evil personality that pulls a gun or any weapon against you, that weapon will become their nemesis in the name of Jesus. If you know who you are in the Lord, no ‘herod’ will mess up your life.

One serious mistake a lot of parents make is to train their children only to excel in their academics. By so doing, you are not giving them enough spiritual muscle that will enable them navigate the wicked corporate world where everyone is virtually an altar. The battle of the end time is the battle of altars. It is the sprit that guides you through work that will lead you home. You must not allow the wickedness in the environment to destroy you. Don’t allow anyone who is carrying a negative spirit to mess you up. You need to teach them a lesson; that is the only way they will respect the God you serve and take you serious. You must aspire to be a spiritual general. Herod pulled the gun against the Church, the Church responded by arising to pray. When the enemy pulls the gun against you, pray! God’s judgment will fall upon the enemy and you will be vindicated. His gun will be used to destroy him. You must determine that you are not going to be retired by a toothless witch, an occultist or a person of contrary spirit.

God’s judgment against Herod made the word of God to grow. Verse 24, “The word of God grew and multiplied.” There are things that must give for the glory of God to be revealed in your life. The spirit of Herod is one of them, the spirit that challenges the word of God in your life; the spirit that challenges your testimony.

What does the Spirit of Herod represent?

1. The spirit of Herod represents the anti-gospel spirit. The gospel is good news. It is the spirit that says you will not have good news.

Pray –

  • I overcome the spirit that says I will not have good news; the spirit that says the purpose of God will not be established in my life, the spirit that says I will not have testimonies, the spirit that challenges the glory of God in my life, I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony. In the name of Jesus, I bind that spirit and cast it into the abyss. This is my year of good tidings of great joy in Jesus name.

2. It is the spirit that fights and challenges your testimony. Its intention is to reduce your testimony to nothing. It wants to shake your faith.

Pray –

  • I plead the blood of Jesus against you spirit that challenges my testimony. I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony.  In the name of Jesus, I bind you today, I cast you into the abyss. I terminate your operation. Thus far you come, you go no further. I will testify that the Lord is good in Jesus name.


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