2. The manifest presence of God destroys lack CONT’D.
Peter was an expert fisherman who labored to hours with nothing to show for it. He was tired when Jesus arrived on the scene. He released his fishing boat to Jesus after which Jesus asked him to launch out into the deep. There is a connection between your abundance and your Jesus connection. Your Jesus connection should produce abundance and terminate lack.

Pray –

  • Jesus, I thank you for this revelation. Thank you for opening my eyes that my connection to you shall terminate every lack and produce abundance in the name of Jesus. Peter gave you his boat and he had a net breaking catch, let all my blessings that ran away locate me right now as I re-connect to Jesus Christ my Lord in Jesus’ name.

Jesus connection will bring back the great multitude of fish.

Many years back, precisely 1993 when I was still a working as a Sales Engineer, the Managing Director of the organization where I worked suddenly appeared one morning declaring what he termed “a riot act” – he gave everyone an impossible target. Our products were capital intensive and not easy to market. The previous month, the organization did not make any sale despite the fact that the management comprised of expert sales men with wealth of experience including the AGM, GM and MD.

He made a pronouncement that day that everyone must sell at least four machines in the new month. Jesus connection can make the difference, Jesus connection can change your testimony, Jesus connection can terminate lack. Fortunately for me, it was on a Wednesday when the local Church I used to attend held her mid-week prayer meeting. I rushed down and joined the prayer meeting where we were specifically asked to pray an agreement prayer. I agreed with my prayer partner that I would exceed the target.

Pray –

  • O Lord, release upon me the anointing that will make me to exceed my target in the name of Jesus. Remove every possible limitation. I make this connection with you, I believe in your connection; Jesus connection. What human hand cannot do, O God, you are not limited. I know that your hand can do it. I trust you to do it in Jesus’ name.