What everything wants to force you to do is to drive in to church, drop your offering, then drive out. Holy Ghost Fellowship ran for 15 years without a bank account and God supplied all our needs and when it was time for us to move to a place, God provided. The covenant we have with God is that of before any need arises, the provision shall be there in supernatural abundance. I was listening to a pastor addressing other pastors, he told them not to keep their service long, make it brief. He told them that forty minutes is enough if you want your church to grow. I shook my head. Is the church really growing if the focus is on number and not Christian character? How many Christians can you do business with today and not be disappointed tomorrow? We need to trust God to help us.

God is ready to walk with us, are we ready to walk with him?

Pray –

  • Lord help me, I am ready to walk with you, I have heard your word. You know my weaknesses; you know where I am missing it. In your mercy, please overlook my short comings. Help me in the name of Jesus Christ to align properly with you, to walk hand in hand with you so that your purpose will be fulfilled in every facet of my life. Where I am weak please strengthen me, where I am naked please cover my nakedness. Where I am failing, help me to be truthful, help me to take correction so that my life will be better in the name of Jesus Christ. Grant me truth in the inward man; give me the right spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.


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