Sunday service


The presence of God is the greatest deterrence to evil. There is what is called the restraining power of the Holy Ghost. Why has the devil not taken over the whole earth? He is not in control, he is not in charge. God is still in charge of the universe. The enemy is just a rascal, an obstinate one at that. He is a thief, a killer, the deceiver, the destroyer, but God is still in control. God is in control of your destiny. He is in control of what you are going to be and what you are going to have. God is in control of what you are going to become and what you are going to enjoy and where you are going. However, God is only in charge as you allow him. He is never going to violate your will in order to help you. He is not going to do anything that is contrary to his nature. Anything he is going to do in your life is going to bear his signature. He has a reputation. We saw in Eph. 1:11 that God does everything according to the counsel of his own will. We need to know this God.

A lot of theologies today are wrong. Those who propagate such theologies read the Bible and arrive at wrong conclusions which produce wrong doctrines. Make this confession – ‘God has prepared a table before me right in the presence of my enemies’. A man of God went to minister somewhere where he shook the kingdom of darkness so much so that when he returned home and reclined to bed at midnight he started hearing some sound in his living room. The noise woke him up and on entering his living room, he saw the devil raging and throwing things all about. This man of God just took his leave immediately and went back to bed! Why didn’t the man start binding and loosing? It is because he had the revelation of the goodness of God, he knew about the almightiness of God. A lot of prayer efforts are wasted due to lack of revelation.

I have been actively involved in ministry for close to three decades and I can say authoritatively that the greatest enemy of man is man himself, not an external enemy. May you not be an enemy of your own progress in the mighty name of Jesus. If God sets a table before you right in the presence of your enemy and you decide to be an enemy of your own self, what do you think will happen? Such a person will not even notice the table and even if he sees the table he will not have access to it. Today, there are people who you want to bless from the depth of your heart but their attitude may discourage you.

One of the worst things that the devil does to people is that he gives them a misplaced picture of the enemy. There are people today who have turned against their mother because they went to places where they were told that their mother is a witch and they believe it! Every decision has a price.

Pray –

  • That you will not connive with your enemies to cheat yourself. That you will not be part of those who will team up with your enemies to delay your blessings, to deprive yourself of what God has ordained for your life in Jesus’ name.


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