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The Bible says whosoever is born of God overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith (1 John 5:4). It is our connection to Jesus Christ that guarantees our victory regardless of where the battle is fought. No matter the dimension, no matter the direction, we are victorious. We are not just victorious, we are more than conquerors. But we need to be enforcers of this victory wherever we operate. God will not allow us to miss it in the name of Jesus.

The battle of the end time is the battle of altars. An altar is a meeting place between human beings and spirit beings. It is a place of sacrifice, a place of exchange, a place of agreement. We are not fighting from a weak altar; we are fighting from the greatest altar raised which is the cross of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Why is the cross the greatest altar ever raised? It is at the cross that the greatest sacrifice was offered. The quality of the sacrifice is what defines how great or little an altar is. Some Christians attend places where they are told to bring cow for sacrifice. If you have ever gone to such a place, you went to a wrong place. Jesus made the final, total and comprehensive sacrifice and he said, “It is finished”. In other words, there is nothing more to add. If you now go and bring the blood of a bull for any other sacrifice, you have missed it. There are several altars strategically located in the environment where we live that are requesting for blood.

1 Sam. 2:12, “Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD.” What a sad commentary. Eli was the high priest in Israel but his children did not know the Lord. There was corruption in the house of the chief priest. What must have gone wrong? This is probably due to failure of parenting or abdication of parental responsibility. You cannot absolve Eli of fault concerning this issue. A lot of people think that the moment you are called into ministry, your children will align with it automatically. It is not automatic. It is voluntary. As they grow up, you may think that they are born again, no! It is not automatic because it must be a personal encounter, one on one with God. When these children grow up to exercise their will, the reality will be evident. It is very common today.

One little negligence in a priesthood parenting eventually led to a national tragedy. I love to emphasize that the healing of the nation must start from the Church. The healing of the Church must start from the home while the healing of the home must start from the man. Husband is not a title but a ministry, a mission. The first responsibility of a husband is leadership, direction. The husband is the head of the home. The most foolish decision any young lady can make is to marry a husband that does not know the way. People toy with this. Just imagine the national tragedy that failure of parenthood brought upon the nation of Israel! The first tragedy of man was abdication of responsibility. Where was Adam when the serpent entered the Garden of Eden?

Spiritual responsibility, spiritual alertness and spiritual direction are the major roles of the husband. Wherever these are lacking, anything goes, snakes will take over and what happens? Failure of parenthood, the children will become the children of belial. Belial is a spirit. Anyone with the spirit of belial cannot amount to anything. It attacks men most. It is a spirit that reduces a man of high repute to a nonentity over time. It is the spirit of worthlessness, a dangerous and wicked spirit.

Pray –

  • Everlasting and most merciful Father, I thank you for your faithfulness in sending your son to die for me. I proclaim that through His death, burial, and resurrection, all my sins are forgiven. Grant me the grace to live for you all the days of my life and make me a worshipper in spirit and truth in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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