Text: Psa. 114:1-8

When God rends the heavens and comes down, mountains skip like rams and little hills skip like lambs, according to our text. The presence of God will do wonders in your life this year, in the name of Jesus.

  1. One of the secrets of the presence of God is sanctification. Josh. 3:5 “and Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you”. Anybody who wants to walk closely with God must have it at the back of his or her mind that God is holy, whenever you are approaching him, you must know that you are approaching a thrice-holy God. If you want to see the wonders of God this year, you must live a sanctified life, a life that is separated from defilement, a life that says ‘no’ to every appearance of evil, a life of practical holiness that hates what God hates and loves what God loves, a life of constant appropriation of the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus. No sanctification, no wonders. You must literally be a dove that has learnt to dwell in the clefts of the rock. One of the beautiful things about the clefts of the rock is that that is where you have the free flow of all the ministries of the blood of Jesus – the sanctifying ministry of the blood of Jesus, the cleansing ministry, the Passover ministry, the speaking ministry, the redemptive ministry and the overcoming ministry of the precious blood of Jesus Christ. What are the clefts of the rock? Everywhere that Jesus was broken is where the blood flows. The dove must learn to dwell in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs where there is no place for loudness or over exposure. You must be a dove not an eagle because eagle is an unclean and abominable bird. Holiness is not optional for anyone who wants to see the wonders of God so if you want to see the wonders of God this year, sanctify yourself.
  2. John 3:3 “Jesus answered and said unto them verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. Ensure that you are genuinely born again. Until a man is born again of the spirit of God, the old nature of sin will continue to have an upper hand. True sanctification is therefore not possible if you are not born again. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of transformation that makes a saint out of a sinner. When a prisoner is released from prison after being remanded for about 10 years or more, there is the tendency for him to commit more crimes that will take him back to prison. Why? Because, you can set a prisoner free but you don’t have the power to make him free. What it takes to set a criminal free is the declaration of freedom but until the criminal is made to know the truth; he will not be free indeed. That is why Jesus says in John 8:32 “and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. There is difference between being made free and being set free. Anybody who is held captive by sin is in prison and not free indeed. The first freedom is therefore, freedom from the power of sin. The word of God, a powerful agent of sanctification (John 17:17), in concert with the Holy Spirit, transforms your life and sets you free. The first level of dominion is dominion over sin if you want to see the wonders of God this year. There are three ‘Ps’ of sin you must have dominion over, the first is the presence of sin, the second, the power of sin and the third, the penalty of sin. The power of the cross where the blood was shed will give you victory over sin, self, satan and all his works. It is at the cross that you crucify self. You must visit the cross daily for an exchange – it is the place where you drop those things that pull such as malice, anger, resentment, bitterness, lying, hatred, unforgiveness and everything that is impure. When you exchange them for the purity of Christ, you will come out clean, ready to soar on the wings of the Holy Ghost. Sin has a weight that pulls people down; you cannot carry this weight and soar above limitations or operate above only. If you want to travel far, you must learn to travel light. You must drop things at the feet of the cross every day. This is the secret of dominion.
  3. You must be addicted to his presence. You must desire his presence, pant after his presence. Desire is a powerful force that produces miracle. According to Mark 11:23-24, Desire + prayer + believe = Have. You must put expectation on top of the equal sign. What this means is that as long as you have desire, prayer, belief and you continue to believe and you sustain your belief with expectation, you will have it. The belief and expectation will change your confession; confession goes before possession. The presence of God will activate this equation to produce result in your life this year in the mighty name of Jesus. Miracles are worked, they don’t just happen. A miracle is a wonderful sensible event above but not contradictory to nature which is done by divine intervention. The presence of God gets the job done. Jesus demonstrated this when he had an encounter with the widow of Nain and the mourners carrying her dead son, there was a divine intervention and a miracle happened. The presence of Jesus will bring glorious interventions in your life this year in the name of Jesus. There is no situation that Jesus cannot change. His presence at the tomb of Lazarus produced a miracle. We need divine intervention in the area of our resources. One of the wonders of his presence is multiplication of scarce resources. At the marriage in Cana, Jesus turned water into wine. After giving thanks he multiplied 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread to feed five thousand people and there was a leftover of 12 baskets. If you don’t want your tank to be dry, always be thankful. Remember, look up. That is where your help comes. Connect to the limitless resources of heaven. Once you get it right in the garden of your heart, God will establish a constant flow if you make the right connection. This year, be habitation minded. Be always conscious of his manifest presence as you sleep, as you go out and as you come in, in him, you live, move, and have your being. When God is your shield and fortress, nothing can touch you. No power can shield more than God. One of the wonders of the presence of God is boldness in the midst of persecution. God protects comprehensively, his presence is the protection that everybody needs. Psa. 23:4. The power of his presence drives away fear, death and destroys the power of sin, self, satan and his demons and protects comprehensively.
  4. You must be humble to depend on him, divine dependence. Don’t have plan ‘B’ when you take it to God. Let God be God, allow him to take the glory. You must come to the realization that anything he cannot fix, nobody can fix it.
  5. Joshua 1:5 – He is not the God of abandoned projects; he does not use and abandon you. Heb. 13:5 – if you don’t want God to leave or forsake you, kill covetousness, be contented, don’t get into unnecessary competition. If your life is in his hands, you’ve got to trust him, he says to you as he says to any of his servants “I will never fail you nor forsake you”.


  • Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you to manifest in my life in a special way, I want to experience the wonders of your presence, rend the heavens O God, come down and touch the mountains, let them smoke, in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, let your manifestation destroy every hidden and open work of darkness in my life; terminate every work of darkness in my life, in my family, in my business, in my ministry, in any area of my life, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Precious Holy Spirit, move mightily in my life and make all things beautiful in the name of Jesus.
  • The manifestation of God in the life of Abraham destroyed 99 year of barrenness (Gen. 18:1). Pray – O God, manifest yourself in my life this year and let every trace of barrenness associated with my life be forever terminated. Terminate every dryness, scarcity, inflation, labour without benefit, unfruitful effort, every woe, diminishing returns in my life in the name of Jesus. Father, manifest powerfully in every facet of my life this year and terminate every form of barrenness in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • In Exo. 5, his manifestation to Pharaoh as a Warrior in Egypt led to the release of the children of Israel from captivity. Pray – Father, arise in my situation and let all my pharaohs be drowned in the sea of oblivion never to rise again in the mighty name of Jesus. Overthrow the strongman responsible for any issue associated with my life, with my family in the name of Jesus.
  • Wherever he manifests, there will be miracles. Call on the name of Jesus and ask him to manifest in your life – mention the areas of your life where you want him to manifest, be specific. Amen.

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