It is my greatest desire that every truly born again child of God will begin to have spiritual encounters. There is nothing that dissolves doubt like encounters; when you begin to have heavenly encounters, your relationship with God will be enhanced.

July 1st 2018 is one date I will never forget. It was the third day of our usual end of month fasting and praying programme starting from the last Friday of the month with a night vigil. Early hours of that Sunday morning, I was in a dream and found myself in a strange, busy and dusty land. Everyone in that city appeared to be running after one thing or the other; they were chasing one business or the other.  They were so busy that no one stood still in that city. Everyone was in a haste to get something; in a haste to do some business that they had no time for anything else. I found myself right in front of the local airport; one of the worst I have ever seen. All I could see were piles and piles of cargo that kept increasing every moment. My intention was to take the next available flight from that airport and return home but when I noticed how busy people around the airport were and the way the place was designed, I knew that I had miscalculated.                                                                

Everyone was so busy to the extent that I could hardly find someone to clarify issues. It was getting dark and I needed desperately to get out of that city by air. But I had not booked my flight, neither do I have a ticket. My impression was that with so much money in my possession, I could get a flight at the airport with ease. But as I approached the airport, it became clear that that was not going to be. I eventually found someone to talk to, an elderly man of that city who spared just few minutes and he simply informed me that in that city, it is customary for those who travel by air to book their flights in advance. When he noticed how disappointed I was, he quickly gave me an alternative, which was to travel by road that night; he mentioned the name of a bus transport company (a very long name) which I could join after buying their ticket.

According to him, I will sleep through the journey and by the time I wake up in the morning, I will be at the other side which is my destination. Everything in me rejected the man’s suggestion. Throughout that city, I did not see any single tarred road and I thought of the risk involved in embarking on such a night journey by road in a dusty land. I needed a ticket to make the flight but I had none. Alas! I was stranded in a dusty land. The pain I felt was unbearable. Every passing second increased my desperation to get out of that land. It suddenly dawned on me how a piece of paper called ticket could be a determining factor.


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