When demons are in operation, things don’t move up. When the devil or any of his agents are in the saddle, things don’t get better. Evil does not get better with time. When people don’t recognize this, they fraternize with it thinking that time will heal it. Evil is an aggressive phenomenon, it is like a Frankenstein monster that will eventually consume those who condone it. It will ultimately lead to destruction. If you have a foundational issue even if you go to the moon, it will not change because it is not a locational matter; it is foundational. A lot of people fail to understand this. A lizard in Africa cannot become a crocodile in the United States of America, it can only become a fat lizard.

A lot of people tend to attribute certain unfavourable incidents to the will of God. As a matter of fact, most of them are not the will of God at all. There are about five different wills:

  1. The will of man (your will)
  2. The will of another man
  3. The will of the devil – most of the things that people ascribe to the will of God are not the will of God but the will of the devil.
  4. The will of God which could be either permissive will or
  5. The perfect will of God. The perfect will of God is always in line with his word. The revealed will of God is contained in the Bible. Without the Bible, you are going nowhere.

God does not force his will on anybody. He created man in his own image and likeness and part of it is the will he gave to man which is man’s ability to choose. If God had imposed his will on us then man would have become a mannequin, a robot. God wanted to relate with humans who will voluntarily do the right thing. A perfect God created a perfect man and created a perfect environment for man and gave him lord tenancy over the planet with only one command – a perfect man in a perfect environment with only one command. Unfortunately, man disobeyed. Man’s will was not united to the will of God.

Adam failed because he did not really place enough value on what God did for him. I have seen this happen over and over again. Parents take note even as you raise your children, don’t throw things at them if you love them, just because you have things. This is one of the easiest ways to destroy a destiny because they grow up with entitlement mentality.

Adam was not a worshipper. For, everything he had, God took the initiative. Adam never yielded his will to what he got. He woke one day and saw a woman created by God and all he did was to perform a naming ceremony without acknowledging God – no thank you. Ingratitude is the root of every sin and it is a foundational issue from the heart. What you don’t value, you cannot worship. Before you can disobey an instruction, you must have belittled the instructor. How is it that the same Adam who could not keep one commandment obeyed the voice of the snake through his wife which was contrary to the word of God?

Man’s will became unified with the will of the snake in the garden. This is the greatest tragedy, the greatest problem of man. Have you noticed that whenever you need to make a decision or choice even between just two options, the probability of getting it right is fifty percent while your probability of failing is fifty percent. Most of the time, man will choose wrongly even between just two options. Why? Man’s will in union with the will of snake in the garden. May the Lord destroy every serpentine union in the garden of your heart in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Pray –

  • Heavenly Father, I worship you. I celebrate your goodness and love towards me. I thank you for not allowing the enemy have an upper hand in my life. Grant me the grace never to take your grace for granted but to walk hand-in-hand with you so that your purpose will be fulfilled in every facet of my life.


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